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Unique Property in Best Hunting Area, Sologne, France

Unique property in the best hunting area of France. -435 Hectares/1,075 Acres -80 Hectares of marshes and ponds. -Exceptional high volume duck hunting. -Good quality big game hunting. -Stunning manor house in excellent condition. -Lot of equipment -Mixed terrain with a balance of field, woods and water.   Price on Request!

Game and Cattle Farm Well Located, Center, Namibia

Game and Cattle Farm Well Located -6,933.99 Hectares/17,134.26 Acres -Lodge and Guest Houses -Hunting, Wild Animals -Good Breeding Cattle Farm -Private and Registered Airstrip plus Storage Hangar -Can be Bought 100% by a Foreigner -Huge Potential for Property Development   Price on Request! Contact Agent:  ...

A Pearl in the Middle of Tuscany, Tuscany, Italy

A Pearl in the Middle of Tuscany -1,100 Hectares/2718.15 Acres -Mountainous, Rugged Terrain -Alternating Small Woods, Bushy Cover and Plains -3 Main Houses -Excellent Small and Large Game Hunting -Numerous Other Buildings (Houses to renovate, sheds, etc.) -Commercial Potential (Hunting, Farming and Holiday Accommodation)   Price o...

Iconic Hunting Property, Andalusia, Spain

Iconic Hunting Property -2,345 Hectares/5,795 Acres Fenced -Nice Traditional House - +/- 2,400 Animals -Best Quality Trophies in Spain -Farming, Pigs -Cork Tree -Very Diverse Biotope   Price on Request! Contact Agent:  Frédéric de Bonhome Phone:

Stunning Property, Ardennes, Belgium

Stunning Property -360 Hectares/890 Acres -Forest Stone House -Big Game Hunting -Forestry   Price on Request! Contact Agent:  Frédéric de Bonhome Phone:  +352 581 693 132 E-Mail: frederic@worldwidecountryproperties...

Nice Game Farm Totally Equiped, Center, Namibia

Nice Game Farm Totally Equiped -4,200 Hectares/10,400 Acres with low fences. -Recent House and Building -Hunting -Farming   Price on Request! Contact Agent:  Frédéric de Bonhome Phone:  +352 581 693 132 E-Mail: fre...

Very Special Property, Burgundy, France

Very Special Property with Vineyard, Forest and Rheolite Deposit! -109 Hectares/270 Acres -Medieval Castle -Winery -Big Game Hunting -Rheolite Extraction   Price on Request! Contact Agent:  Frédéric de Bonhome Phone:  +352 581 693 132 E-Mail:

Hasting's Lifestyle, Hastings, New Zealand

If you have got plenty of gear, this cracking 21.5ha all-purpose rural lifestyler has all the shedding you need and then some. The excellent range of infrastructure, along with a good balance of mostly flat to easy rolling contour, provides for multiple farming options, whether calf rearing or sheep and beef farming and there is plenty of room for the horse. With a 12-bay 350m2 implement shed and attached lean-to, a 112m2 four-bay workshop, woodshed and supplem...

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53.13 acres

Agriculture, House, Stream River

Good Game Farm, Grand Karoo, South Africa

Good Game Farm, Very Well Organized -10,000 Hectares/24,710 Acres Fenced -Lodge and Luxury Guest Accommodation -Additional Buildings - +/- 1,600 Animals -Numerous Water Points -Airstrip -Possible Expansion to 40,000 Hectares   Price on Request! Contact Agent:  Frédéri...

Unique Property with Stunning House, Andalusia, Spain

Unique Property with a Stunning House -820 Hectares/2,026 Acres Fenced -Multiple Buildings -Big Game Hunting -Farming (Cows and Pigs) -Cork Trees   Price on Request! Contact Agent:  Frédéric de Bonhome Phone:  +352 581 693 132 E-Mail: 

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