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Marketing Muscle Multiplied…

Have you ever questioned your marketing strategy, feeling like it’s a bit disjointed?  Have you ever felt you needed extra support?  Marketing is crucially important, yet the majority of companies have fewer resources to work with while at the same time, business objectives are more aggressive than ever.

Perhaps your internal marketing team needs some extra support. Or, you’ve always gotten customers by word of mouth, and need to put together a more formal marketing plan from scratch.

Each of our Brokers comes to us in a unique position and with specific needs. That’s where we shine! We’ll meet you where you are and help support your business goals!  So, whether you’re a small office or a larger office, you can benefit from our marketing success.

Marketing Power is about exposure! The Sports Afield brand brings a Premier audience of outdoor minded individuals, that no other brand can do.


~ Millions of brand impressions per week

~ 30,000 web visitors per month on

~ 25,000 web visitors per month on

~ 46,000 marketing emails each month

~ 40,000 Sports Afield Magazine Subscribers

~ 120,000 Sports Afield magazine readers

~ 200,000 impressions per month on the SATP social media alone

~ And World of Sports Afield TV is broadcast to 30 million households