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Flora and Fauna of the Lone Star State

It is a common mistake among non-Texans to assume that Texas is a dry, arid desert.  However, the second largest of these United States boasts a wildly diverse landscape.  In fact, less than 10% of Texas’ 268,581 square miles is true desert.  Most of Texas is made up of prairies, plains, grasslands, and forested land.  Texas also boasts a longer coastline than Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, or Maine.  Add in 3,700 named streams and 15 major rivers, and there’s more water in Texas than first meets the eye.

In addition to its diverse landscape, Texas is blessed with a diversity of wild game species: dove, duck, goose, javelina, mule deer, pheasant, pronghorn, quail, rabbits, turkey, and white-tailed deer all call Texas home.  That list doesn’t even touch the vast number of privately held exotic species currently in Texas.

Texas is a state with a rich history, awe-inspiring beauty, and a fascinating biodiversity.  However, unlike many Western states that are made up of millions of acres of public lands, Texas is 95% privately owned.  This means that land ownership is paramount to continued recreational access.

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