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Elk Distribution in the United States

Elk are one of the most fascinating—and for sportsmen, compelling—animals that occupy the continental United States.  They are substantially larger than the white-tailed deer many people are accustomed to seeing.  A mature bull elk commonly weighs 700 lbs, while a white-tailed buck will generally weigh closer to 100 lbs.

According to the venerable Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation the range of our elk has grown considerably in recent years.  The distribution of these large ungulates will never be the same as it was several hundred years ago, but there are now several states east of the Mississippi River with thriving populations of elk.

Elk Distribution Map

It is truly a huge achievement in conservation to have populations of elk flourishing in the midwestern and eastern United States.

If you love the idea of waking up in the morning and seeing elk out your front window, here are a few Trophy Properties you might like to dream about calling home:

  1. Elk Galore Butte, MT
  2. PK Ranch Colorado Springs, CO
  3. Huntsman Estates Coeur d’Alene, ID
  4. Old Wolf Creek Ranch Prineville, OR
  5. Eel River Frontage Myers Flat, CA

Abundant wildlife is a substantial part of what makes our landscape here in the United States and Canada so inspiring.  We are very pleased to see species like the elk expanding their range and increasing their numbers for future generations to enjoy.