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A Few Simple Things You Can do to Improve the Quality of Your Hunting Acreage

Hunters and anglers support upwards of 680,000 jobs in the U.S., but they can’t do what they do without excellent hunting acreage. If you’re looking for hunting land for sale or you’re just starting to work on a hunting property, there are certain steps you should be taking to improve the quality of your land.

It’s not all about hunting 24/7. In fact, hunting constantly can actually scare deer and other game from your property. If you want to improve the quality of your hunting acreage at the back of your large property, here are some simple steps you can take.

Hunting land for sale
Establish Sanctuaries

If you want to manage successful hunting properties, you need to establish at least one major safety zone in each of them. This sanctuary area should be filled with this brush and should be absolutely off-limits to any hunting, scouting, and even hiking. This area should be near the interior of your property so that deer and other game can feel secure and live and breed in peace.

Limit Hunting Pressure

Believe it or not, deer can sense hunting pressure. If you have people out on your property hunting seven days a week for several hours every day, the game is going to notice, and they’ll migrate to find more secure living conditions. Setting up rest days and limiting the number of people allowed on your land at one time can both help in this area.

Work With Your Fellow Land Owners

It can be a tough sell to convince your neighbors to take the same steps you’re taking to improve hunting land, but you should still try. Tell them why you’re doing what you’re doing and teach them by leading an example. If they’re hunters or if they value their land, they just may seethe wisdom in your words.

Improving hunting land might seem like a monumental task, but rest assured that by taking this simple steps over time, you’ll see a vast improvement in the amount of game on your land.