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Hunting and fishing sometimes get a bad rap from people who couldn’t tell you the difference between a shotgun and a hunting rifle, but in fact, huntsmen and fishermen commune more closely with the environment than most other people. And, since it is in the interest of their sport for natural landscapes to be healthy and protected, sportsmen have supported preservation initiatives from the very beginning.

For over 80 years, sportsmen have paid more than $13.7 billion for projects that protect the natural environment, fish, and wildlife, and they contribute nearly $8 million a day to wildlife causes.


$13.7 billion for wildlife conservation

That being said, for the more than 38 million Americans who hunt and fish, one of the hardest parts of their sport is finding the right location. Some are lucky enough to own or have access to hunting property, ranch property, and/ or fly fishing property. And even when a good stretch of land comes the way of a hunter or angler, finding a sweet spot in those parameters can still be hard.

Specifically for the fly fishers out there, it is very important to be in tune with the environment to get a good sense for where the best catch might be had. Check out some of these tips for finding the best fishing spot:

  • During high water, fish often seek out calmer currents near the bank, so try fishing the slower, bank-side water from land before you wade in.
  • Fish like to protect themselves, or at least stay as near as possible to protected areas, so keep an eye on areas with fallen logs, brush, or uncut banks. Keep an eye out for fallen trees hidden below the surface as well. Many fish species lurk in places that are shaded or dark to offer better protection from predators.
  • Since fish like to swim in slower moving currents, you will often find them in ‘seams,’ which are the transition point between two different speeds of water. The faster seam tends to carry the fish’s food, so they swim in the slower seam and dart out to grab at food as it passes by.

A fly fishing property or lakefront fishing land will ensure you don’t have to search all over the wilderness for the perfect spot. Take advantage of fishing property for sale near you and learn to find the best and most opportune spots in the stream.