Montana Ranch Properties

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Montana Love

There are many reasons to move to Montana.I have had the pleasure of working and playing in many towns in Montana, and there was not one place where I didn’t want to be. There is something for everyone! Some of the best fly fishing in the country is here. With outdoor activities, and game hunting of all kinds, it is hard not to find something you love.The state is known for its lush scenery and amazing ranches. I have seen many gorgeous sunsets over water. The outdoor activities are second to none with Yellowstone National Park to the south, and Glacier National Park in the north. In Montana, if you need a quick getaway all you have to do is walk out the door. Standing in a beautiful Montana river, I have often asked myself, “Should I move here?”


Choose your Property

If your bucket list includes living in Montana, contact our amazing partners at Clearwater Montana Properties. Did you know our Sports Afield Trophy Properties partner has over 22 locations? Clearwater Montana Properties has fantastic listings and amazing Real Estate Agents to see you through your purchase or sale of your recreational property. From gentleman ranches to large acreage options, there are many types of ranches and properties to purchase in Montana. Almost every region has the option of water or land properties. Montana is the State where anything is possible. The motto for Clearwater Montana Properties is “FIND YOUR MONTANA” . With so much to see and do, it will be easy to find your Montana.

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