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Sports Afield supports the Frontline Foundation

Some years ago the Dallas Safari Club started the Frontline Foundation which provides financial support for injured trackers, guides, professional hunters and their families.  This is a vital service DSC provides as many of these people have no health insurance and few other resources to fall back on if the main-bread winner stops working.   Sports Afield, together with its sister company Safari Press, donated $6500 to the Frontline Foundation, a very worthy cause that should be considered by all of us.  The money was raised from sales of a Safari Press book entitled Dangerous Encounters by Craig Boddington who also enthusiastically participated.  Thank you Dallas Safari Club for starting this initiative and thank you Craig Boddington for cooperating with us.check

Dallas Safari Club Fundraisers & Banquets.

Attending the Dallas Safari Club Convention is great fun as well as informative.  Every night the convention held a variety of banquets after which items were auctioned off as fundraisers. The best part of auctions is watching the competition and seeing what all gets sold; hunting trips, fancy firearms, collectibles and much more. The audience were eager bidders as well as generous.  Before the auctions, there were dinners and each night during the dinner Sports Afield and Sports Afield Trophy Properties were saluted as the title sponsors of the DSC convention.  The event is held in a giant room with some 3000 people and mega-screens on all walls so all attendees can see what is going on at the stage.  Each evening DSC ran our SATP commercials as well as the trailer for the 2017 Sports Afield World of Television show which also featured the SATP.   A great experience to see our name on six 30-feet high screens simultaneously in that giant hall.

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