The Conservation Efforts of Farmers, Ranchers, and Hunters

Posted on February 20, 2017 In Fishing Property

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If you’re looking for ranch property, you may be aware that farmers, ranchers, and other landowners make a significant contribution to conservation efforts throughout the United States. These individuals have installed over two million miles of conservation buffers under various farm bill initiatives.

According to , the 2014 Farm Bill, which was enacted in February of that year, conservation programs that are offered are intended to benefit farmers as well as the enranches and fishing property for saleenvironment. It’s important to note that these are voluntary programs.



Conservation buffers make a major impact on these and other important environmental concerns:

    Improve soil, air, and water quality
    Enhance wildlife habitats
    Create scenic landscapes


You may also be interested to know that due to the conscientious stewardship of farmers, there has been a significant decline in the erosion of cropland. Since 1982, almost 50% of the erosion normally caused by wind and water has been prevented due to the efforts of these farmers.

Sportsmen and women have also contributed to projects that protect the environment. This includes the protection of fish and other local wildlife. Over the past 80-plus years, sportsmen and women have contributed more than $13.7 billion dollars for these state-wide projects.

Approximately $8 million is contributed every day by sportsmen and women. These funds are used to assist the efforts of wildlife agencies to protect and preserve natural habitats and other vital conservation efforts. Education and special project funding is also made possible by these and other funding sources.

Hunters, anglers, and other sportsmen and women also make significant contributions to the economy. As a result of individuals participating in hunting and fishing alone, over 680,000 jobs are supported.

On average, a hunter will spend $2,484 on this sport every year. Furthermore, to support conservation efforts, there is an 11% tax on guns, ammunition, bows and arrows. Every year, approximately $371 million is generated for this purpose.

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