North Dakota Dreams

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North Dakota is known as one of the oil states.However,it is also a state filled with adventure, nature and beauty. Wildlife plays a significant role in the stability of the land and region.

7600223_orig-1Wildlife Refugees

North Dakota is home to more wildlife refuges than any other state in the U.S..There are a total of 77 National wildlife preserves. With so many different wildlife species, can be hard to keep track! For the avid hunter, the hunting options include everything from large game to waterfowl. A large part of hunting is conservation and wildlife management. One of the nation’s first wildlife preserves is in this beautiful state.The “Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge” was declared a refuge in 1908 by President Roosevelt.




A Rich History

Visitors can explore the North Dakota Heritage center in Bismark or learn about the Native American culture. The educational  experience centered towards wildlife in this area is amazing. Sports Afield Trophy Properties promotes those involved with selling and purchasing land and private ranches with wildlife in mind.We are lucky enough to have Joe Bender be on our Sports Afield Trophy Properties team.  Joe moved to North Dakota in 2005 with his wife and two children. Joe has been selling real estate for the past 9 years and owns Four Seasons Realty in Bottineau, North Dakota.  He has a background in business management, residential and land development.  From wildlife to real estate,Joe has the comprehensive knowledge of this fantastic state. With so much to offer, North Dakota is a tough state to beat.



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